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Overview of Orthopedic Medicine
by Richard I. Gracer, MD
reprinted from TLfDP, April, 1997

Patient Report
Carole Conquers Cancer - One Woman's Odyssey
by Carole Bradford

The Gentle Wind Project: Healing Emotional Wounds
by Mary E. Miller, MSW

Cat's Claw and Essiac
Mother Nature's Wondrous Healers

by Phillip N. Steinberg, CNC

- In Memorium -
Emanuel Revici, MD, Age 101, Medical Innovator
by Marcus A. Cohen and
Patrick McGrady, Jr.

It's a Junk Food Nation
review by Jule Klotter

Protein Fundamentals
by Donald G. Snyder, PhD

The Clinical Effects of Manganese (Mn)
by E. Blaurock-Busch, PhD

Hyperbaric Oxygen for Treatment
of Stroke & Traumatic Brain Injuries

by David A. Steenblock, BS, MS, DO

Immune Augmentation Therapy
for Gulf War Syndrome
by Gary Null, PhD

Nourishing the Energy Body
by Jule Klotter

QiGong Master Fails to Substantiate Claims During Demonstration Project
by David A. Brown, PhD, PT

IgG Food Allergy Testing by ELISA/EIA
What Do They Really Tell Us?
by Sheryl B. Miller, MT (ASCP), PhD
Clinical Laboratory Director
Bastyr University Natural Health Clinic

Cetyl Myristoleate-A Unique Natural Compound Valuable in Arthritis Conditions
A Sponsored Article by
Dr. Charles Cochran and
Dr. Raymond Dent

Why Blue-Green Algae Makes Me Tired
John M. McPartland, DO

Phytotherapy Reviews & Commentary

by Donald J. Brown, ND

History of Hoxsey Treatment
by Patricia Ward Spain

The New Age of Man
by Malcolm Gladwell

The Hidden Side of Psychiatry - Part 1
by Gary Null PhD

Alpha Lipoic Acid
by Beth M. Ley
Author of The Potato Antioxidant,
Alpha Lipoic Acid

 One Patient's Recovery from Lymphoma
by A. Hoffer, M.D., PhD

Chronic Fatigue, Mycotoxins, Abnormal Clotting
and Other Notes
by Jonathan Collin, M.D.

Laura Lee Interview with George Meinig, DDS
& Dr. Michael LaMarche

One of the hottest topics in dentistry - root canals - is explored in this interview with two of the leaders in the holistic dentistry community,
citing scientific studies that show the serious consequences of this procedure.

Chinese Medicine Update
by Bob Flaws, Dipl. Ac & CH, FNAAOM

Understanding the Differences Between
Conventional, Alternative, Complementary,
Integrative and Natural Medicine

by Anna MacIntosh, PhD, ND

Minimum Magnesium Standard for Drinking and Bottled Water Would Save 150,000 Lives Annually
by Bill Sardi

Antioxidants, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
by Robert A. Ronzio, PhD

Natural Therapies for Menopause and Osteoporosis
by Nancy Beckham, ND, DBM

Washed Laundry is Safe

Yeast Derived Beta-1,3-D-Glucan: An Adjuvant Concept
by Leonid Ber, MD

Herbal Treatments - History and Controversy
review by Irene Alleger

Exercise Therapeutics Update & Commentary
by Anna MacIntosh, Ph.D., N.D.
Professor of Nutrition & Exercise Therapy, National College of Naturopathic Medicine

Mad Cows and Englishmen
by Lily Giambarba Casura

"The Cow" by Thomas Bewick, 1820
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