Spiritual healing: key to tomorrow's health?

Physicians and healing practitioners from 50 countries join together

Impressive healings are scientifically documented

Mind over matter. Is this just an old saying, or wishful thinking--or is it really possible? Like so many things in life, it depends on the individual point of view. For many, modern medicine is in some ways headed for disaster; for others, it is only a matter of adequate funding and the necessary research--particularly in genetic engineering--for illness to be conquered. Many physicians are meanwhile perplexed. They have often been faced with the limits of the medically feasible. They have lost belief in the salvation that is supposed to come from unlimited research and they can hardly carry out their calling any more.

The system is ailing

"Natural physicians" or healing practitioners are expanding their sphere of influence only hesitatingly. Still, a change of thinking is becoming more and more common on all levels. The old idea, "the more funding, the better the health" isn't working any more. Health insurance plans can hardly cover the overwhelming costs, while at the same time it is very difficult for them to raise their fees. They are sounding the alarm. "If politics doesn't bring about serious policy changes, then it is only a matter of time before the health system is seriously damaged," said Herbert Rebscher, chairman of the Association of Salaried Employees' Health Insurance Plans to the "Berliner Zeitung". Yet, how do you put an end to the misery?

Body and soul are one

Patients who have been informed that there is nothing more than can be done start to wonder whether there isn't an alternative to "incurable". But what would it be? Physicians, too, seek ways to be able to really help their patients. But they hardly learn anything in their medical training about alternatives to traditional medicine. With a little luck they hear something about the "vis vitalis" or "life power" in their lectures on the discipline "History of Medicine". For modern medicine, this has become a relic of earlier centuries. Its existence is not a part of the subject matter learned by today's medical student. He usually no longer has access to the power of life and no longer knows its laws. "True science and true religion are one," a great thinker once said. Man cannot be separated into soul and body. They are deeply intertwined. The significance of the mental-spiritual attitude of a person for the health of his body is becoming ever more clear through psychosomatic medicine and the findings of a new sub-discipline of medicine, psychoneuroimmunology. Nevertheless, these fundamental relationships are all too often ignored, and patients are beaten with diagnoses and baneful prophecies concerning the course of illnesses. Yet the signs of a new time requiring a new way of thinking are becoming ever more evident.

How it all started

Matthias Kamp (39), a physician from Hamburg, was himself interested in increasing his knowledge of alternative methods of healing and therefore concerned himself with the subject of spiritual healing. At a meeting of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends he learned how one can take up a force called the "divine healing power". However, he quickly noticed that what was easy for children presented difficulties for him as an intellectually-oriented adult. But when he realized that this power, which you cannot see or touch, is not to be perceived through the head, but rather through the heart, he could also experience it. A pleasant, strong flowing, a tingling in his whole body, became more and more perceptible. It was something that caused a feeling of invigoration and well-being to rise up in him. He had never before experienced such a thing.

Cannot be explained by reason alone

Bruno Gröning, who became known in Germany in the fifties for the astonishing healings that occured during his lectures, called this force that can heal and help people the "divine power" or the "Healing Stream". It is supposed to be abundantly available for everyone; you just have to learn how to open yourself up to it. You cannot see or touch it, but it is perceptible through feeling. Gröning didn't want to be regarded as a healer, and emphasized time and again that no human being can heal. According to Gröning, "God is the great physician," and a human being can only be a mediator of the force that brings about the healing.

The founding of the physician's group

Convinced through personal experience, Kamp investigated with a colleague the healings that had been reported in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends. Mr R. (70) suffered from continuous headaches for 25 years. He also had severe chronic lumbago due to the degenerative process of his invertebral discs, heart pains, angina pectoris after the slightest physical exertion, pains from a lung contusion - an old war injury - a chronic gastric ulcer and a disturbed sleeping pattern. After making contact with the teachings of Bruno Gröning and absorbing the healing stream he was spontaneously healed from all his complaints. In the postinvestigation all signs of a circulatory disturbance of the heart had disappeared in the exercise electrocardiogram after the healing. Mr. R. began to walk in the moutains again. These and other inexplicable regressions of illnesses became the basis for the foundation of an international specialists organisation. In 1992 Kamp founded with several other physicians and medical professionals of the Circle of Friends the Medical Scientific Group (MWF). Now over 5,000 members of healing professions, among them hundreds of physicians, participate in this physician's group. In the year 2000 the volunteer physicians and healing practitioners reported in over 400 lectures in over 60 countries on their experiences with spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning. The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends is one of the largest associations for spiritual healing in the world.

Yet the physicians of the MWF are not only active with international lectures. The second task of the specialists of the MWF is the recording, verification, medical documention and scientific evaluation of the healings which take place.

The systematic recording of the Success Reports

The written recording of healings in the form of so-called "Success Reports" has proven time and again to be the indispensable foundation of the entire work of the MWF. It is especially important for people who have suffered for decades from chronic ailments and have tried everything to find healing--only to finally give up hope--that they regain trust and belief in their health. A Success Report describing the healing of a similar ailment can be a big help in this regard. The value of a person's faith is often underestimated. It is irresponsible to take away all hope from a patient, even in the case of "terminal" illnesses. Nothing paralyses more the effect of the healing forces than when a person gives up hope. The possibility of a healing can neither be arranged nor promised. It is always a only matter of "can be". Statistics on the possibility of healing are understandably impossible, since such studies cannot be carried out. The time spans leading up to a healing vary too greatly. Thus, spontaneous healings are observed, while others take weeks or months. In one case the illness may disappear immediately, while in another it may take years; in other cases there may be no healing at all. As important as scientifically-based research in this area may be, most of the knowledge about the "why" of an occurrence or non-occurrence of healing remains accessible only to a spiritual, intuitive, higher discernment. In the final analysis, man will never be able to be the "doer" here, for the gift of healing lies in the hands of the Giver of Life.

To document the work of God

The Success Report is recorded on the analogy of the anamnesis or medical history, with detailed description of the person's condition before absorption of the healing power and at the time of the contact with the teachings of Bruno Gröning, and of the course of the healing. The content of the recorded reports are inspected by physicians as well as by laymen. A summary is prepared in a separate working group, and--insofar as possible--documentation in the form of medical findings and witness reports is introduced. A central working group in Hamburg carries out the archival work. In the case of some reports, a short, easily understandable medical commentary is added to render the course of the illness more clear from a medical point of view.

The laws of healing

Gröning always pointed out that the effect of the healing power is subject to certain laws. Thus, reactions can occur that seem to be like a worsening of the earlier syndrome. He spoke about a cleansing and reversal process that he called "regulations".

Mrs D. M. (35) suffered from rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatism). Increasing pains, swollen joints and an incurvation of her hands marked the progression of the illness which antirheumatic preparations could not stop.

After absorbing the energy in the beginning there was increased pain and swelling of her joints. Everything seemed to be worser. Then all the symptoms of illness disappeared altogether. In an nine-year follow-up period no relapse has occurred. The healing is also impressively evident in laboratory tests.

These reactions, especially, which clearly document the orderly effect of a higher force, are carefully described during the recording of the Success Report. Interestingly, Paracelsus, the great physician of the early modern age, knew this cleansing process as an early sign of healing, "He who wants to become well must realize that it doesn't happen without pain (. . .) and just as we obtain our food through our sweat, it is the same here--in our sweat, we are cured of illness."

Homeopathy, too, speaks of a "initial worsening" that often precedes the healing. Spiritual healing, as it comes about on a large number of people in the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, has nothing to do with mysticism. There is nothing mysterious, nor any miracles. People receive the connection to a force that was always there for them--they have only forgotten about it.

Since mid-1998, a systematic documentation has been aimed at (insofar as possible according to each individual case), including medical findings and declarations of witnesses. The Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends also makes many of these healing examples available to the public on its Internet website. (www.bruno-groening.org) With the help of a special search program, you can find relevant Success Reports by using the names of ailments as keywords.

Lecture Tour in US and Canada

Beginning on the 7th of October 2001 in New York a lecture tour through USA and Canada will start. The german physician Matthias Kamp, the founder and Medical Director of the MWF will held the lectures in New York, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Los Angeles, San Diego, Tuscon, Denver and Chicago. Mostly the lectures will take place in lokal universities. It was possible to find official approval of the Medical University of Arizona. The lecture in Tuscon will be held with co-sponsorship with the Department of Family & Community Medicine. (see plan added.below)



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Lecture Tour "Healing the spiritual way" in North America October 2001






New York

7 p.m.

Source of Life, Conference Center

22 West 34 Street, 5th Floor, New York



7 p.m.

York Woods Library

1785 Finch Avenue West

Toronto, Ontario M3N 1M6



7 p.m.

St. Pauls University, Room 1124 (Amphitheatre)

223 Main Street, Ottawa



7 p.m.

University of British Columbia

Hebb Theatre, 2045 East Mail

(close to UBC Bus Loop), Vancouver


Los Angeles

7 p.m.

California State University

5154 University Drive, Alhambra Room

Los Angeles, CA 90032


San Diego

7 p.m.

San Diego State University

5500 Campanile Drive, Aztec Center

Meeting Room: Backdoor, San Diego, CA 92182



7 p.m.

University of Arizona, Medical Center (UMC), 1501 N. Campbell Ave., Rm. 5403, Tucson, AZ



7 p.m.

The same place like 18th



7 p.m.

St. Francis Conference Center, Auraria Campus, 1030 St. Francis Way, next to Elisabeths Church, Denver, CO



7 p.m.

Bedermann Auditorium

618 South Michigan Ave.

Chicago, Illinois 60605

Interview with the medical director of the Medical Science Group (MWF) of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends, Matthias Kamp

Mr. Kamp, why do you as a traditional physician publicly commit yourself so strongly to spiritual healing through the teachings of Bruno Gröning?

It is my firm belief that all physicians today have the duty to help their patients. But if his school knowledge is not enough, then a physician should consider without prejudice other ways that could help his patients. I heard of Bruno Gröning and the Circle of Friends years ago. When through verification of reported healings I saw that even severe chronic ailments have simply disappeared, then I knew that I cannot and should not remain silent about what is happening here.

There are also many other directions in naturopathy as well as in the area of spiritual healing. Why do opt for the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends?

For one thing, as you can imagine one has to set priorities. The physicians, healing practitioners and people in other therapeutic professions who participate in the MWF do so while fulfilling their regular professional obligations. It is the same with me. You simply have to make good use of your time. For me personally this is not the only path, but the best one because it is so simple. My goal is to be able to impart something simple to people by means of which they can help themselves free of charge. That is what we need in today's health situation. My colleagues and I also notice this in particular in during our lecture trips to the poor countries of the world. In the lectures we explain to the people how they can open themselves up to the Healing Stream according to the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Many people in the audience immediately feel the power in their body. We see the first healings already during the lectures. Local groups are then formed and they develop a momentum of their own--they grow on their own because it really helps.

What is it about the teachings of Bruno Gröning that is for you as a physician especially important?

Beside the simplicity and the fact that it doesn't cost anything, its naturalness and clarity are very important to me. I always emphasize in my lectures that reputable spiritual healing, whether here in the Circle of Friends or elsewhere, is open and clear, not mysterious and mystical. Bruno Gröning emphasized time and again that he doesn't say anything new, but that it is merely an ancient knowledge in today's terms. This knowledge should really be common knowledge. But it was forgotten or falsified. It was known to all religions and physicians of earlier times; Paracelsus, for example, also knew these things. Mr. Gröning also referred to the Healing Stream as a higher force of nature given by God to man. This force has definite laws; whoever knows them can use them. In verifying the healings within the Circle of Friends we see it again and again confirmed how the healing power can work on people if they let it. Here, thoughts and feelings are of very great significance. Spiritual healing is more than a mere absorption of energy--the person seeking healing must also do something. For example, it is difficult to become well if you still hate or are envious of others. It is also necessary to bring back to people an appreciation for these processes of adaptation and cleansing. How difficult it is for many people to realize that pain, diarrhoea, fever or other reactions in the body can be a part of the healing! The person who wants to become well in this way must finally learn to take over the responsibility for his own health again.

There is also no conflict with ongoing medical therapy. One can't simply stop taking all medication or say, "I'm not going to my physician any more because I'm going to be healed by the Healing Stream". No, one can't demand anything here at all. Healing is and remains--and this can't be emphasized enough--in the end a gift of God.

Do you, too, feel like a healer now?

For heaven's sake, no. No human being can heal; only God can heal. I have to think of a saying of Bruno Gröning, "I do not heal; the divine power helps and heals". I believe that tells it all. The person seeking healing experiences it on his own accord with God's help when he opens himself up to the Healing Stream again. Our task is merely to give him the instructions.

Why is there a Medical Science Group?

It is an especial joy for me that representatives of almost all therapeutic professions work together in the MWF. Physicians, healing practitioners, healers, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists and many more. There is no professional animosity, no one places himself above the other. There exists a harmonious collaboration with mutual respect.

A part of the work involves international lecture events organized by physicians and healing practitioners. Often the public lectures are even held jointly. In the autumn of this year we are starting a new form of lectures on addiction counselling in order to find ways to also reach people addicted to drugs. Here, physicians and psychologists of the MWF will hold joint lectures.

Another part of the work is the registration of the healings as Success Reports within the Circle of Friends. Here, representatives of all therapeutic professions are employed as helpers. More than 400 helpers participate in this. The reports are discussed with physicians in Working Circles, then verified and, insofar as possible, documented.

In addition, there is an internal journal of the MWF that is translated into 11 languages. Regular congresses are held in several countries for the mutual exchange of experiences.

Without this work the world-wide expansion would not be possible.

Are the teachings of Bruno Gröning a new religion?

When God or divine power is spoken of, many people think they are in church or in some kind of religious splinter group. That is how far we have strayed from the natural. Actually, knowledge of the existence of a supreme being, a supreme spirit that is the single and greatest physician, should be obvious to every physician. We physicians and healing practitioners can only be his helpers. It is very important for medical specialists to experience again His existence and His way of working and helping--in our everyday practice as well. The teachings of Bruno Gröning, I believe--this must be clear--are "supra-religious". Physicians from all religions are members of the Medical Science Group. The Moslem remains Moslem, the Christian remains Christian, the Jew remains Jewish, and the same with the Buddhist or Hindu. Here, too, no one places himself above the others--it is a matter of people, not religion.

Last year I had two successful lecture tours in Israel, including stops in Bethlehem and Hebron. A short time later I flew to Teheran, Iran. I held a lecture at the medical university there on the work of the MWF and the teachings of Bruno Gröning as part of a congress. Several months later I founded a chapter of the MWF in India, and a colleague of mine was invited to give a lecture at a university in Peking.

This power is not concerned with "Catholic" or "Protestant," doesn't differentiate between Christians and Jews, Moslems and Buddhists--the only thing that counts is a person's heart and his will to do good.

What is your hope for the future?

Last year we began holding lecture events at large universities in Germany and neighbouring countries. More than 800 people came, including physicians and healing practitioners. Last year more than 29,000 people attended the lectures world-wide. In Eastern Europe and Asia even the universities opened their doors to these lectures--on an official basis. The medical school of the University of Arizona in the USA gave us an official contract, under which they will invite physicians and the general public to my lectures during a lecture tour of the USA and Canada in October, 2001. In Germany, however, it is still difficult to get universities to officially accept lectures, even for students, on the subject of spiritual healing. I hope that this changes. Conflicts of personal ideology should no longer be important when it is a matter of helping people. Today the priority is to help, help, and help again. For this, we have to make use of everything good, whether naturopathy, traditional medicine or spiritual healing.

Two examples of medically documented healings

More than 30 years hearing impairment on both ears after receiving the healing stream full healing capacity has been restored

Mrs. Roswitha G. (35), Köln suffered from birth from a hearing impairment of the internal ear in both ears. The probable cause was damage from a forceps delivery. Congenital hearing impairment is not known in her family, and her mother also had no illness during the pregnancy that could have led to impaired hearing. As is often the case with such illnesses, until a diagnosis was finally made she was classified for a long time as having a behaviour disorder or as being introverted. The young woman rejected hearing aids for both ears. She couldn't perceive environmental sounds such as the chirping of birds. the rustling of leaves or autos driving by, and a conversation was not possible at the loudness level of normal speech.

The first audiogram, taken on October 27, 1986, revealed a pronounced hearing loss of up to 80 dB at frequencies of 2000 Hz. An examination in 1993 showed approximately the same result. (Please see audiograms in added jpc files) Some time after having regularly absorbed the Healing Stream, Mrs. G. noticed one morning a feeling of heavy pressure over her right ear. This went on until noon, and then it was as if a curtain had been removed from her ear and she could suddenly hear soft sounds (the ticking of a clock, automobile noises from the street) for the first time in her life. An audiogram taken on January 3, 1994 impressively documents her restored hearing capacity. Above 2000 Hz her right ear indicated a hearing curve decline of up to 15 dB, while the same result as before was shown for the left ear.

Two weeks later the unpleasant sensations occurred in the morning in the other ear and here, too, her full hearing capacity was restored after a few hours. This was confirmed shortly thereafter in an audiogram of February 1, 1994. An examination a year later showed the full normalization of the hearing curve, indicating the ideal hearing for people 20-30 years old.

The specialist treating her wrote the physicians of the MWF in a statement of April 30, 1999: "The recovery from the early damage of the inner ear is inexplicable to me. If you should fine an explanation during your research work, I would be grateful if you would tell me about it."


Chronical pains because of osteoporosis free from pains and unexplainable remineralisation of the bones after receiving the Healing Stream

Mrs. Gertraud F. (69) of Munich, had suffered since 1993 from increasing pain in her back, finger joints and knees. By way of a computed tomographic densimetric analysis (bone density measurement) on August 24, 1994 a manifest osteoporosis was diagnosed. (average spongy bone mineral salt content 64.2 mg CaHA / ml - see the findings in the attached jpg files). A therapy with estrogen had to be discontinued due to a thrombosis. Calcium could not be tolerated. The only medication given was in the form of vitamin D preparations. However at the next examination on November 28, 1995 a clear increase of the osteoporosis (51.7 mg CaHA / ml) was observed (see findings jpg file). Mrs. F.'s complaints had meanwhile clearly increased so that she was dependent on a cane while walking and complained of continual pain.

In April, 1996 she heard of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends and after that regularly absorbed the Healing Stream. In the course of a few months the pain receded and she was able to walk without complaint and without a cane.

An examination of her bone density resulted in an impressive confirmation: at an examination in April, 1999 a bone density of 80.1 mg CaHA / ml was shown, typical for her age group (see findings jpg file). Since then Mrs. F. has remained complaint-free. Such a rise in bone density in manifest osteoporosis without adequate therapy is from the medical side inexplicable. In cases of osteoporosis in old age there is usually a continual increase in the loss of bone mass. As for medication, at the present time a certain remineralization can be obtained only with bisphosphonates, but an increase in bone density such as in the case of Mrs. F has never been described even with this therapy..