Morton Walker, D.P.M.

Catastrophic is how most health educators probably would describe the lack of wellbeing and vigor of people residing in Western industrialized nations. The World Health Organization classifies the United States as the twentieth healthiest nation. About one-fifth of all Americans suffer from some form of degenerative disease such as arthritis, glaucoma, emphysema, kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, or some other serious illness.

In all parts of the industrialized world, heart disease and cancer together are claiming the lives of nearly 75 percent of populations despite monumental advances in science. While diverse opinions exist for such negative statistics relating to human health, we do know with certainty that just a century ago many of the illnesses affecting us today were either rare or nonexistent.

The subsequent questions relating to the conundrum of industrialized populations which deserve answers are: why are people who live under the umbrella of technology so sick? What are we doing wrong? How may we correct our inadequacies? If found, can the answer be enlisted quickly? Answers to these questions make up the bulk of the information offered in this article.

A Historical Perpective on Health and Nutrition

The lifestyles of our ancestors kept them free from the modern maladies that currently plague people. Yes, there was much less environmental pollution in the past, and the food quality was definitely fresher and more nourishing then. It’s logical to conclude that the consumption of fresh and more nourishing food is a factor in the retention of good health.

Even today, we see that people who reside in isolated areas and eat a somewhat primitive diet that’s less refined routinely live to be octogenarians (80+ years of age). A lifespan to one hundred years of age and beyond is not so infrequent. There is no secret to the centenarians’ longevity. The one common denominator shared by long-lived cultures such as the Ecuadorian Vilcabambans of the high Andes, the Georgians of the new Russia, and the Hunzas on the steppes of Pakistan is their consumption and absorption of massive amounts of "living" enzyme-rich, nutrient-dense foods, most of all including large amounts of green vegetation.

In November 1982, I was the medical journalist who reported findings by a scientific expedition which spent two weeks in Ecuador investigating the centenarians of Vilcabamba. During this period I saw that Los Viejos (the old ones) took in from five to fifteen times the amount of nutrients as are eaten by most North Americans twenty years ago and definitely today. The food and water consumption of those old ones had been monitored and measured diligently then by the expedition’s investigators, and my wife Joan recorded their findings. She was the scientists’ secretary, who also gathered hair tissue samples from the elderly subjects being examined.

Upon our return to the United States two weeks later, Joan and I provided soil, food, water, and the hair tissue samples of Los Viejos for laboratory analysis by Mineralab, Inc., located in Hayward, California. The president of Mineralab then was the renown wholistic physician, Garry F. Gordon, M.D., D.O., now of Payson, Arizona. From Dr. Gordon’s evaluations I was able to confirm that Los Viejos remained inordinately healthy and long-lived because they usually consumed great quantities of water drawn from pristine mountain streams, at least twelve servings of organically-grown vegetables, fresh-picked fruits, whole grains, and various lactofermented foods which had been predigested by a variety of microorganisms. In the modern lexicon, nutritionists currently call such beneficial bacteria probiotics.

As a result of explorations among the Vilcabambans, I subsequently wrote and saw published nine clinical journal and magazine articles plus a small book about their practices. My journalistic efforts revealed that the long-lived inhabitants of Vilcabamba truly are what they eat and drink. The content of their hair tissues exactly matched what they took into their mouths. Those several long-ago laboratory analyses undertaken by Dr. Garry Gordon had proven this. Based on his findings Dr. Gordon now utilizes a product called Perfect FoodŌ to clinically supply concentrated nutrition for his patients. The accumulated informations about the old ones of Vilcabamba I had uncovered at the time are published in my 1983 46-page, perfect-bound mongraph, Secrets of Long Life.1

The Status of Modern-Day Health

It’s estimated by the United States Department of Agriculture that less than 9½ percent of the American adult population consumes five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Yet, almost every major health organization, including the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, the American Dietetics Association, and the American Heart Association have advised that eating five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day is the public’s best protection against degenerative diseases.

While in appointed office, former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, M.D., had recommended consuming a minimum of five fruit and vegetable servings each day. In no way can such an eating program be carried out and still conform to today’s convenience-oriented, fast-food and fast-paced society. Rather, men and women from all walks of life continue to run in pursuit of disease-producing practices.

From their measurements, nutritionists tell us that an adult living in North America or Europe consumes approximately 4.8 pounds of food daily. In an eighty-year lifetime, therefore, about 70 tons of edibles pass through the average person’s stomach—an immense quantity to consume and process. It’s no wonder that some folk with nutrient absorption problems or other gastrointestinal difficulties are adversely affected by environmental pollutants such as automobile exhaust, excessive sun, factory particulates, cigarette smoke, plus additional sources of atherogens, carcinogens, and allergens.

So we already know some answers to why high-tech populations come down with massive amounts of illnesses. The technology under which they live does nothing to preserve their health; instead, it actually adds pollutants and has their physical selves succumb to immune system weaknesses. Even so, inadequacies in sick people can be corrected and still viable consumers can take the required steps to prevent physical, emotional, and mental breakdowns. And they can do it speedily. The corrective action demanded is that one must ingest the best available nutrition.

Corrective Treatment and/or Preventive Maintenance

A method exists by which people may acquire full servings of the most excellent food on the face of the Earth. Corrective treatment and/or preventive maintenance can be gained by ingesting fruits and vegetables in the form of green superfood drinks and caplets. Such green superfoods are far superior in nourishment potential than any individual or collective vitamin and/or mineral pill.

A researcher at the University of Minnesota who specializes in studying the effects of enzymes that ward off cancer, Lee Wattenberg, Ph.D., has confirmed the value of taking in quantities of green superfoods each day. Dr. Wattenberg’s confirmation regarding the value of green superfoods was delivered in conjunction with the following summarizing statement. He said:

"Every vegetable, every fruit, has literally hundreds of constituents—any protection is likely due to a combination rather than a single chemical."2

Green drinks are the superfoods that may be considered nutritional life insurance when they are taken as green food powder added to liquid or as green food powder incorporated into caplets. Just such green superfoods should be taken daily with a diet that includes as many other superfoods as possible such as leafy greens, spirulina, cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, most types of seeds, turmeric, wheat grass and many others.3

As the means of reinforcing Dr. Wattenberg’s quote about green, superfoods, internationally known lecturer and researcher in the field of optimal human health and nutrition, Sam Graci of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada, concurs. He says:4

Trying to make one chemical into a pill is counterproductive as a quick-fix formula. Do not look for someone to cram a garden full of phytochemicals into a pill. Get them the old-fashioned way, one meal at a time! Vitamin-mineral supplements have their place in this dietary strategy, but they can never take the place of nature’s powerful bounty of nutrients found in Superfoods.

For all of those people who want the most excellent form of nutrition possible, the immense amount of research and food preparation required has become unnecessary. Now there is a readily available green, superfood which has found great validity among numbers of health professionals who prescribe it or dispense it to their patients or clients.

In the next subsection, colon hydrotherapist Carmen Howard of Lake Ann, Michigan first introduces us to the revolutionary new health-maintaining product I had referred to previously as Perfect FoodŌ . It is a combination of organic and chemical free, enzyme-rich superfoods, including green grass juices, phytoplanktons, vegetable juices, whole grains, and life-giving seeds. The numerous ingredients in Perfect FoodŌ have been predigested using a proprietary method of lactofermentation known as Poten-ZymeŌ . Exactly as Dr. Koop and the big health institutions recommend, Perfect FoodŌ naturally supplies the nutrients found in five to ten servings of vegetables without the use of vitamin or mineral isolates. You will find it to be the perfect source for filling gaps in your own and your patient’s nutritional program.

The Colon Hydrotherapist Who Dispenses

Green Superfood Along with Detoxification

As already mentioned, colon hydrotherapist Carmen Howard of Lake Ann, Michigan is knowledgeable about Perfect FoodŌ . She takes it as her means of preventive maintenance. Mrs. Howard is an athlete who runs 35 miles a week, and she supports her personal physical effort with the best in whole food eating. This colon hydrotherapist actively engages in good health practices and advocates the same for those clients who consult her for colonic health.

In addition to administering colonic irrigation, Carmen Howard offers clients nutritional supplements as a means of preparation for bowel cleansing. "As part of my client services, I dispense the most nutritious super green food existing on our planet and people thrive on it," she says. "I eat this perfect food myself every day, as does my family. When taken as a supplement to one’s regular menu plan, two tablespoonsful of my super green food do offer the equivalent of up to 10 servings of vegetables, including certified organic greens, grains and seeds plus enzyme-active live foods, more than 90 antioxidants, and over 100 minerals and vitamins. It provides the omega 3, 6, 9, and 18 essential fatty acids.

"This super green food complex that I recommend is brandnamed Perfect FoodŌ by its United States manufacturer/distributor, Garden of Life, Inc. of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida," advises the colon hydrotherapist. "And my observation is that Perfect FoodŌ in powder form shaken with water or mixed into a smoothie is superb as a drinkable antidote for almost any form of intestinal malabsorption. I advise putting two tablespoons of the green powder into 6 ounces of fresh-made carrot juice and drinking this for optimal nutrition. In fact, if someone needs to be more economical, just one tablespoonful of the green supplement will provide that person with the equivalent of five servings of vegetables and one serving of brown rice," states Carmen Howard. "I know that this type of excellent nourishment helps to repair the body by giving it whole food that’s readily available for absorption.

"By a client ingesting Perfect FoodŌ regularly, my job as a colon hydrotherapist becomes easier because less preparation time is required to get that person’s bowel ready to receive colonic treatment. I consider Perfect FoodŌ to be the finest possible fast-food for ongoing health maintenance. It behaves adjunctively to what people usually eat by causing bowel function to be easier and more regular," affirms Mrs. Howard. "From such good functioning, skin troubles such as psoriasis, acne, dermatitis, etc. all get better.

"I am an animal lover and choose to feed my german shepherds, Perfect FoodŌ for the nutritional excellence of its formulation. My dogs are happy, healthy, and beautiful show animals as a result. I declare that Perfect FoodŌ is the perfect food for pets exactly as it is for humans.

"I’ve analyzed the cost breakdown of Perfect FoodŌ as a nutritional agent and have figured out that a heaping tablespoonful costs less than the price of a small bag of corn chips and a can of soda pop per day—somewhat less than 89 cents—and for this small expenditure of money, each consumer does get the perfect food," states Carmen Howard.

Naturopaths Stupka & Stupka Love Perfect FoodŌ

"Iris Roswell, a 51-year-old, unmarried, social worker, visited our office in December 2000 suffering from many health troubles, among which were severe indigestion of fats, excessive weight, sinusitis, unclear thinking, confusion, insomnia, perimenopausal difficulties, and massive amounts of body congestion. Ms. Roswell’s circulatory, lymphatic, and elimination systems were dysfunctional. Her spleen and thymus were ineffective in their operation. She showed definite signs of yeast and bacterial infections, and there was some compromise in the woman’s bone structure. Also, this patient’s pH was too alkaline," describes Terry Morse-Stupka, N.D., who is married to Mark Stupka, N.D. The team of Stupka and Stupka practice together as naturopathic doctors at their Center for Natural Healing in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

"A hair test sample that we took of Ms. Roswell was evaluated by the Analytical Research Laboratory of Phoenix, Arizona, and it indicated that her sodium-potassium (Na-K) ratio remained out of balance at 1.56. A normal reading would have been 2.5 in favor of sodium for expediting the Na-K pump effect at the human cellular level. The patient’s disproportionate Na-K ratio occurred from chronic and long term stressors affecting her body," Dr. Morse-Stupka says. "Her adrenal glands were operating 43 times faster than normal, and her thyroid was functioning at only 3 percent of what it was supposed to be. From reading her laboratory tests and observing the clinical symptoms she displayed, it became obvious that Ms. Roswell was in true physiological distress.

"Before treatment, this patient was a very fast metabolizer so that her metabolism was out of control, in a catabolic state which resulted in consumption of her own tissues. She was going downhill too fast," reports Dr. Morse-Stupka. "My husband and I considered nutritional restoration to be vital for the woman so that we dispensed Perfect FoodŌ to her, and it worked beautifully. She gained immense amounts of energy, lost ten pounds quickly (she declared, ‘I feel lighter’), found fat digestion improving, experienced brain clarity, and her metabolism normalized as did the woman’s many laboratory tests.

"Two months after our patient underwent her initial hair mineral analysis, when we first started her onto Perfect FoodŌ , a new hair test was administered. It shows that the green product is improving her laboratory numbers and bringing them back to normal levels," states Dr. Morse-Stupka. "We saw an increase in her calcium and magnesium, and these are the two calming minerals which are bringing down Ms. Roswell’s metabolism from functioning overly fast to much lower readings. Three trace minerals, cobalt, selenium, and lithium, had been exceedingly low for her, but they are now raised considerably. In contrast, the toxic metal nickel, which was poisoning Iris Roswell by being much too high at 0.58, is now reduced to near-normal at 0.11. The most homeostatic reading for nickel should be 0.10. Our patient is very close to that norm.

"Something else that happened to Ms. Roswell from taking Perfect FoodŌ is that her metabolism of simple and complex carbohydrates increased greatly. The normal sugar metabolism ratio for such carbohydrates is 6.67, but her ratio had been elevated at 11.33; now it’s fallen to 9.25," the naturopath points out. "And this woman’s hormones are more balanced today. While earlier she was too low with a hormone ratio at 5.58, currently Ms. Roswell’s hormones stand at 7.33. The correct hormone ratio for any woman to maintain balance is 8.0. Finally, our patient’s sodium-potassium level has increased from 1.56 to 1.71; her cellular metabolism has enhanced significantly by the regular daily intake of Perfect FoodŌ .

"Mark and I are happy with our patient’s physiological improvements, and she is happy too. Invariably when Iris comes into our office now she is singing, laughing, joking, and declaring that she feels on top of the world. The two of us attribute this woman’s new love of life to her regularly supplementing with the green, powdered Perfect FoodŌ ," states Terry Morse-Stupka, N.D.

"Iris Roswell is just one example of what we’ve found with dispensing this super green food. From our experience, Mark and I know that using it tends to eliminate the need for individual supplemental vitamins and minerals. At some point during their treatment programs we get all of our patients consuming Perfect FoodŌ . There is no question that every person requires more fruits and vegetables in their diets, and this product is so far above any other marketed green supplement that nothing else sold is able to compete with its quality and quantity of nutrition what with the excellent enzymes, probiotics, and live foods that it contains. There isn’t anything else on the market like Perfect FoodŌ . My husband and I would not allow our patients to take any other green food supplement except this one," Dr. Terry Morse-Stupka says.

Ron Wedemeyer, D.C., Can’t Keep Perfect FoodŌ in Stock

"I have been dispensing Perfect FoodŌ for over three years, and I can’t keep it in stock. Containers of this green-powdered superfood are snapped up and carried off by my patients as soon as shipments arrive. They love its nutritional content and what drinking the stuff does for them," says Ronald Wedemeyer, D.C., of Bakersfield, California. "It’s the most popular nutritional supplement that I dispense from my office. It sells quickly because the people no longer need to swallow fractionated nutrient pills. All the nutrients are at hand in one serving of Perfect FoodŌ . I personally take a double dose of it every day as does my family.

"My patient, a thirty-five-year-old single mother named Simone Mauser who supported herself as a public school teacher consulted me because of four particular health problems. Simone was overly skinny and could not gain weight; she experienced severe digestive imbalances from diverticulitis; she was troubled by allergies; and she had been trying to nurse her new baby but milk would not come. I started this woman on Perfect FoodŌ two years ago," explains Dr. Wedemeyer, " and since then weight came back aplenty; allergies left her; she produced abundant breast milk and still feeds her baby with it; and she has remained in remarkably good health—not even coming down with a cold. Simone Mauser has become one of my most active spokespersons for Perfect FoodŌ .

"I have purchasers of the green powder whom I don’t ever see. They buy it by mailorder. I love Perfect FoodŌ because it simplifies the patients’ nutrient programs. They don’t ever need multiple bottles of pills but only this single container of this true super food," says Dr. Ron Wedemeyer.

The Nutritional Components in Perfect FoodŌ

When compared with other green food products, Garden of Life’s Perfect FoodŌ , is found to contain up to three times the active ingredients. It acts with an ease of assimilation and uses no fillers such as lecithin, apple fiber, maltodextrin, and flax seed meal. Whereas other green food products contain up to 35 percent of these filler ingredients, the Garden of Life product provides unparalleled nourishment. Ingredients such as lecithin are in no way harmful to the body, but such components provide less nutrition than green juices and vegetables. Perfect FoodŌ contains 85 percent green foods by weight which is the highest quantity found in any product of its kind.

The content of Perfect FoodŌ consists of the following ingredients:

Cereal Grass Juices: Juices squeezed from cereal grasses include Kamut, Barley, Oat, Wheat, and Alfalfa. Cereal grass juices are useful for detoxifying, healing, and alkalizing one’s body. The product’s juices are made from certified organic grasses which are dried below 88° F as a method of preserving their enzymatic activity. These grass juices are powerful sources of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll, and antioxidants.

Phytoplanktons: Nutrient-dense algaes are the phytoplanktons numbered among the Perfect FoodŌ components. They include Spirulina, Chlorella, and Dunaliella.

Spirulina has been used by hundreds of thousands of people for nearly a century to ameliorate the symptoms of hypoglycemia, diabetes, anemia, malnutrition, and fatigue. Phycocyanin, the bluegreen pigment present in Spirulina, has been found to enhance immune system function, protect against cancer, and possibly aid in the treatment of viral disorders. The Spirulina contained in Perfect FoodŌ is predigested through lactofermentation so as to greatly increase its bioavailability.

Chlorella is proven as beneficial in protecting the body against harmful radiation. Chlorella is also known to remove harmful substances from the body including heavy metals, PCBs, and other toxins. Chlorella is quite high in antioxidants, particularly the carotenoids.

Kelp, Dulse, and other sea vegetables are among the world’s richest sources of minerals, and they are part of the Perfect FoodŌ formulation.

Vegetable Juices: Incorporated in this green superfood are a wide variety of vegetable juices including Carrot, Beet, Tomato, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, Kale, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Parsley, Spinach, Asparagus, Celery, Cucumber, Green Pepper, Garlic, Ginger, and Onion. Vegetables such as these are nature’s richest sources of disease-fighting phytochemicals.

Acerola Cherry: As nature’s most concentrated supply of vitamin C, acerola cherry furnishes this crucial vitamin as a premier antioxidant. It is important as an everpresent booster of the immune system.

Seeds, Legumes, and Grains: As powerful containers for nutrients of growth and energy, the seeds, legumes, and grains in Perfect FoodŌ have no equal among any other green superfood.

Seeds provide the energy required to form entire plants trapped inside their tiny shells. As seeds, it is known to nutritionists that ingestion of their contents does prevent numerous human health problems. Due to their enzymatic inhibitors, seeds are difficult to digest by many people. And some legumes such as soy are not only practically undigestible but may even be harmful when consumed in their whole form. Because of this difficulty in assimilation, all of the grains, seeds, and legumes contained in Perfect FoodŌ are predigested in order to neutralize their enzyme inhibitors and antinutrients. Gluten is one of these antinutrients, but it has been counteracted upon by the green food’s predigestion process.

The process of fermentation utilized brings out the valuable nutrients, such as vitamins B and E as well as the essential fatty acids, contained in seeds. As part of the fermentation process, raw seeds, grains, and legumes are soaked whole, germinated, and predigested through lactofermention from twenty-five to forty days. Such a form of fermentation is the process known as Poten-ZymeŌ . It breaks down the nutrients into their most basic elements allowing almost total absorption through the digestive tract. Some of the seeds contained in Perfect FoodŌ include Flax, Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Chia, Garbanzo Beans, Adzuki Beans, Lentils, Millet, and Buckwheat. The seeds and grains contained in Perfect FoodŌ are gluten free.

What you won’t find in Perfect FoodŌ are sugars, non-foods, herbs that may be harmful or ineffective if taken daily, the above-mentioned inexpensive filler ingredients like lecithin or fibers, and no added vitamin or mineral isolates.

Perfect FoodŌ is a superb supplement for diabetics. It has been awarded the "seal of approval" by the Diabetes Resource Center as a safe and beneficial food for diabetic consumption.

The Poten-ZymeŌ Process of Lactofermentation

Predigestion of the nutrient-rich superfoods contained in Perfect FoodŌ is accomplished by use of the proprietary Poten-ZymeŌ process. This is an ancient method of biofermentation which incorporates beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) and their enzymes into the foods to gently break them down into their most basic elements.

Poten-ZymeŌ neutralizes nutrient inhibitors often found in foods such as grains, seeds and legumes. Many people with sensitive digestive systems have a difficult time obtaining nutrition from these sometimes hard-to-digest foods. Poten-ZymeŌ solves their sensitivity problem. It creates and liberates valuable compounds within the foods including enzymes, antioxidants, beta glucans, phytosterols, and many others. Moreover Poten-ZymeŌ enhances the nutritional value of a food while making it much easier to digest. This assures any consumer of Perfect FoodŌ more complete absorption and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

Some of the longest living and healthiest people in history have relied on fermented foods. These long-lived people habitually ate yogurt, kefir, miso, and sauerkraut to supply themselves with much needed nutrition and to aid in their digestive process. Health wisdom of the ancients is contained in Perfect FoodŌ . Yet it is offered as a form of fast food for the future.

Unlike other products, the probiotics and enzymes contained in this green, superfood are created by the Poten-ZymeŌ process, and they are made a part of the foods themselves. In summary, Perfect FoodŌ provides probiotics, enzymes, and phytonutrients in one whole food package. Whereas other super foods isolate necessary nutritional components, Perfect FoodŌ completes the whole food formula.

The Two Perfect FoodŌ Delivery Systems

Available in two easy-to-use forms, as green powder and UltraZorbeŌ caplets, Perfect FoodŌ supplies us with elevated dosages of necessary nutrients. If you are a person who is always traveling for business or pleasure or if you just don’t care for the taste of greens, Perfect FoodŌ caplets offer the most handy means of ingestion. The revolutionary Poten-ZymeŌ process gives you the full benefits of this green superfood when just one serving of five UltraZorbeŌ caplets are swallowed. And this dosage is the nutritional equivalent of one serving (two tablespoonsful) of Perfect FoodŌ powder.

ULtraZorbeŌ caplets utilize a proprietary technology which requires no heat and fully preserves the delicate enzymes and probiotics contained in the product. UltraZorbeŌ caplets are designed to provide rapid disintegration and dissolution to completely deliver the nutrients in a timely fashion.

A South African Physician Uses Perfect FoodŌ

"I have been recommending the daily drinking of Perfect FoodŌ to my patients for over two-and-a-half years. After my switch from mainline medicine to wholistic medicine about four years ago, for over a year I searched the market for the best in daily nutrition. Perfect FoodŌ best fits that description. I’m not only a medical doctor but also I hold a doctorate in biochemistry," says Peter Cloete, M.D., Ph.D., who practices family medicine at his Center for Biomolecular Medicine in George, a town located in western South Africa.

"Although the patient’s clinical picture determines my treatment, I do use this green food product on almost every person. It’s just good nutritional medicine, especially for relieving any type of gut pathology such as poor absorption or irritable bowel. Perfect FoodŌ works wonders for almost all of those kinds of gastrointestinal tract problems. If a patient has gut absorption trouble, it just makes sense to give him or her the finest available food to eat and assimilate. This product does not demand a well-functioning digestive system to support the body because the super green drink is absorbed so readily and well. By its usage, the patient’s digestion will improve," says Dr. Cloete. "It works especially well on younger children—babies and toddlers—who are affected by antibiotics often prescribed for otitis media and other childhood diseases. By adding the drinking of Perfect FoodŌ to the patients’ diets, the doctor will see a massive pickup in their wellbeing.

"I can describe the medical history of one baby who at two-and-a-half years old was chronically ill from birth and appeared white or sallow-colored all the time. She had no energy, acted lethargic, cried constantly, suffered from otitis media, had chronic bronchitis, spiked fevers that came on for no apparent reason, and required the need for pediatrician attention every week. Infections permeated her body, and antibiotics had become an integral part of the child’s daily routine," Dr. Cloete explains. "When I took over this baby’s care, Perfect FoodŌ was among my first and most important prescriptions for her. Now, after six months on the super green drink, she has not required medical attention more than once. About three months ago, I was called upon when the mother brought her baby into me for a general checkup and progress report.

"I reduced the abundant amount of carbohydrates the baby was being fed and got Perfect FoodŌ into her on a daily basis. That one action did the trick in just a couple of weeks; today that baby is fine," confirms Dr. Cloete.

"Patients who feel miserable from Crohn’s disease and colitis respond exceedingly well to Perfect FoodŌ . I treat an awful lot of people with bowel disorders, and the green drink is the specific medicine for them. Treatment for such gut troubles falls to me after the patients have been butchered with bad drug medicine and/or surgery," advises Dr. Cloete. "Good management using the super green food’s certified organic ingredients offers complete relief for the individual suffering with digestive disturbances. I prescribe or dispense Perfect FoodŌ for all of those types of patients who have gut trouble."

Ob/Gyn Noelle Nielsen, M.D., Offers a Case Report

"I am an ob gyn who has prescribed Perfect FoodŌ for women requiring improved nutrition," says Noelle Nielsen, M.D, of Saratoga Springs, New York. "For one of my patients, a registered nurse age twenty-five, the recommendation to drink this super green food was mandatory for her six-months postpartum breast feeding. Because she was suffering from excessive weight gain during her pregnancy along with chronic fatigue, the new mother needed this extra boost to her menu plan. Positive effects for her kicked in by the end of a week. She found more energy, and a twenty-five-pound weight loss occurred over a couple of months. The woman returned to her prepregnancy weight, and generally felt restored. Both my patient and I attribute this excellent effect to her taking of Perfect FoodŌ . While as a nurse she knew how to take care of herself, this green drink is what the nurse ascribed as her source of improvement.

"I drink Perfect FoodŌ myself as do my two sons, and we make taking it a routine part of our daily nutrition intake. I drink the green powder everyday in eight ounces of regular temperature water and find that it tastes decently. Often I take a second drink in the afternoon as a pickup," says Dr. Nielsen. "Just recently it was revealed to me that Perfect FoodŌ mixes well with the high protein goat’s milk drink, GoateinŌ , so now I combine them as a more complete nutritional beverage. For me, the two food items have taken the place of popping down any vitamin/mineral supplements. I no longer take supplements but only utilize Perfect FoodŌ with GoateinŌ . All the nutrition that I need is right there."

Auras Expand Upon Drinking Perfect FoodŌ

From Pesuque, a northern suburb of Santa Fe, New Mexico, nutritionist and aromatherapist Bonnicia Youst tested the expansion of clients’ auras after they consumed Perfect FoodŌ . Ms. Youst applied dowsing to twenty-five of her clients to monitor their auras before and after they drank Perfect FoodŌ . Depending upon the health of an individual, the normal aura extends out from someone’s body from three inches to two feet.5

"Because this green-powdered suspension supplies such marvelous nutrition, it makes sense to me that ingesting Perfect FoodŌ will expand a person’s physical aura. So I did an experiment by measuring the aura of twenty-five people with my dowsing rods before and after they drank the green powder mixed in liquid. In every case each person’s aura expanded by three times minimally or four times optimally. For example, a very ill woman showed a three-inch aura but one minute after she drank Perfect FoodŌ it jumped to nine inches. For a very healthy man with a usual foot-wide aura, I found that it increased outward to four feet after his ingestion of Perfect FoodŌ .

"My very sensitive dowsing rods (consisting of two L-shaped metal wire rods joined by a wooden handle) swing outward as their ends approach the person’s aura rays. The horizontal parts of these double L-shaped wire rods swing left and right. The dowser must steady the rods, walk toward the person being tested, and ask or pray for a reaction," says Ms. Youst. "As the rods hit the person’s energy field at the edge of vibrating rays, they react by opening and slowly swinging out. The amount of open extension indicates how expanded is the aura. The aura measurement is taken between the end of the open rods and the client’s chest. In each of these twenty-five people tested, drinking Perfect FoodŌ brought about aura expansion, which indicates that health and greater vitality had been furnished to the testee."

"Perfect FoodŌ Is for the Birds," Say Liz and Bob Johnson

Liz and Bob Johnson of South Florida , administrators of the Shyne Foundation, a nonprofit organization which devotes itself to the health preservation and safety of parrots, cockatoos, macaws, and other tropical birds, feed their birds Perfect FoodŌ as the most nutritious nourishment available. (The Johnsons refuse to have their exact location identified because of dangers they face from bird thieves.) The Shyne Foundation is a ¼-acre, 16-foot-high, screened in section of rain forest. It offers a free-flight natural habitat sanctuary for numbers of neglected, abused, damaged, or handicapped parrots, some of which are quite valuable.

"There are thirty-two species of parrots, and we hold them in sanctuary here to heal, be safe, and enjoy life. The birds do not need to perform, and we avoid selling or breeding them," says Liz Johnson. "Bob and I agree that Perfect FoodŌ works wonders for our birds."

"Perfect FoodŌ is definitely for the birds, but we also take it ourselves everyday. We feed the birds many nutritional supplements: homeopathics, herbs, nutrients, phytochemicals, and most especially this nutrition-packed, green superfood. We believe in employing a shotgun approach for attaining optimal nourishment," states certified nutritionist Bob Johnson, M.Ed. "Usually I add the green superfood to the birds’ water, sprinkle it on moist food morsels for purposes of improved digestion, and actually feed it into the mouths of young birds with a syringe.

"Although they prefer to eat bananas and crackers, greens are an exceedingly important part of the parrots’ diet. Like children, however, some birds avoid eating greens so that Perfect FoodŌ fills their need as an agent adhered to cutup fruits and vegetables," adds Bob Johnson. "A few of our 160 parrots eat directly from the Perfect FoodŌ container." (See Photograph 1).

"Feathers that are missing on damaged or denuded birds are stimulated to grow in faster when they eat Perfect FoodŌ , and it gives their feathers a greater glossiness with brighter colors. Also it elevates the energy of droopy birds," says Liz Johnson. "They show more vigor, increased sexual activity, and become highly energetic from eating it."

"A parrot’s metabolism is much speeded up over a human being so that when it is given optimal nutrition as with Perfect FoodŌ it shows very quick healing and truly fast improvement in its physical abilities. We see results from feeding them the green superfood rather quickly," concludes the two conservationists, Bob and Liz Johnson.


For more information about Perfect FoodŌ or to learn the location of the nearest Perfect FoodŌ supplier, contact the manufacturer, Garden of Life, Inc., 15419 69th Drive North, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33418; tel. (800) 622-8986 or locally (561) 748-2477; FAX (561) 575-5488; Website:


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