Universal Oral Vaccine: The Immune Milk Saga

by Anthony di Fabio


Part 3: How to Obtain Properly Prepared Colostrum

Ordinarily the simplest way to obtain the proper antibodies and complement required for your particular medical condition would be to purchase products manufactured by a company that has many years of experience preparing these products. Such products are available for animals from several companies, but – unfortunately – by law their specially prepared disease-specific products cannot be sold for human use, only to farmers who wish to protect their animals from disease cheaply and simply. As a matter of fact, the company with the most experience is so terrified of legal involvement and possible bankruptcy from the FDA and US Department of Agriculture that they refuse to permit their name to be used in connection with this or any other article. For purposes of this article they shall be called Farm Products, Inc.

This is very much reminiscent of governmental restrictions on the use of DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), an inexpensive by-product of paper production that is a very strong antioxidant and can be used to rapidly relieve pain. Any veterinarian supply house has it for sale to farmers for animals, but humans are not supposed to use it except under physician supervision.

Symbiotics, LLC, Sedona, Arizona, sells colostrum as a nutritional substance guaranteed to “contain a minimum of 30% immunoglobulin content.” Their colostrum is obtained from New Zealand Dairies and advertised to be from “healthy, pasture-fed, dairy cows that are pesticide, antibiotic and hormone free.” That last, by itself, as compared to milk products produced in the United States, is something of a miracle!

In an article by Morton Walker, DPM in connection with Symbiotics,46 (quoting a number of investigators), therapeutic components found within colostrum include a wide-range of substances such as immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, proline-rich polypeptides, leukocytes, lysozymes, enzymes, cytokines, glycoproteins and trypsin inhibitors, lymphokines, oligo polysaccharides and glycoconjugate saccharides, and many other substances. This multiplicity of factors helps to neutralize toxins and counters microbial attacks, reduces incidence of cancer and chronic fatigue, regulates the thymus gland while stimulating and regulating immunities and also interferon production to slow viral activities, boosts immune system and T-cell activity, and so on.

Whether or not standard colostrum products sold in farm supply stores – such as for E. coli – is effective even for animals probably depends upon many factors far beyond the control of the average consumer, such as production method, length of shelf life, bacterial strains used, and so on.

Farm Products’, Inc. standard products for a dairy herd include colostrum preparations against salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococccus, E. Coli, pseudomonas, cornyebacteria, klebsiella-pasteurella, Candida albicans, clostridium, aerobacter aerogenes, proteus, and chlamydia.

A dietary supplement called Biomune OSF Plus™ contains an extract from colostrum and whey acquired from immunologically stimulated cows. This extract (100 mg) is combined in capsule form with a Chinese herb, Astragalus membranaceus (200 mg), in a base of rice powder. The product was developed by Quantum Research, Inc. a biotech research company that develops nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies, of Scottsdale, Arizona. The synergistic action of the extract with the Chinese herb helps to stimulate natural killer cell (NK) activity. Stanley Olsztyn, M.D., Jesse Stoff, M.D. and other health professionals have had very good results with this product. In a population of 107 participants (59 females, 48 males, average age 53 years ranging from 17 thru 83) initial killer cell activity was 18 Lytic Units (a measure of killer cell activity) and the final killer cell activity was 246 Lytic Units, an average of 28.556 Lytic units increase per month, or an average of improvement as measured by killer cell activity of 1,267% per month.

By comparison, the average NK cell activity in the U.S. population is 20-50, whereas in a healthy population it is 150-225.

Accompanying this dramatic increase in Natural Killer T cell activity were vast improvements in the population of 107 consisting of 50% cancer patients, 30% chronic fatigue syndrome, and the remaining 20% a mixed bag of lupus, allergies, fibromyalgia, blood disorders, hepatitis C, colitis, chronic infections, recurrent infections, autoimmune diseases, and cervical dysplasia/metaplasia.

Average time of treatment was 13.2 months taking from 2 to 8 capsules daily.

It should not be necessary to point out that these are remarkable improvements or remissions of many so-called incurable diseases.

According to Quantum Research, Inc. President David L. Bergsma, no patents were obtained for the whey product component used to stimulate natural killer cell activity, and so their only protection is to maintain their proprietary secret while making their products available as a “dietary supplement” for doctors and lay people.

Former Iowa Congressman Berkley Bedell suffered from Lyme Arthritis disease caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a bacteria from a tick usually found on deer.

Lida Mattman, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, and author of Cell Wall Deficient Forms: Stealth Pathogens,42 says of ticks: “No state wants to admit they have any Lyme disease. It is bad for tourist trade and therapy is expensive. It is better to let the patient disintegrate into a wheel chair or a mental institution. Actually, this spirochete disease, like the syphillis spirochete disease of the 13th century, has invaded every block of every city in the civilized world. However, unlike syphillis, this [disease] is spread by mosquito, tick, mite, probably household contact, as well as trans-placentally. Like syphilis this disease is the great imitator, attacking joints, heart, brain, etc. We looked at spinal fluid, blood, and synovial fluid of over 500 cases who had symptoms of Lyme [arthritis disease], and found the spirochete of the same genus, in most patients.”43

About 10% of Lyme Arthritis victims do not get well by conventional medical treatments, and Congressman Bedell was one of those. Bedell,2 testifying before Congress, said, "I left Congress because I came down with Lyme [Arthritis] Disease which I contracted while fishing at Quantico Marine Base, and which conventional treatment failed to relieve. After three series of heavy antibiotics infused into my veins over a period of two years, I finally turned to unconventional treatment. My symptoms disappeared and today I am clearly free of Lyme Disease.

"Let me tell you about that treatment. There is a company in our own state of Iowa, Mr. Chairman, that produces a product for livestock by injecting killed germs into the udder of a cow prior to the time the cow has a calf. When the cow has the calf they then take the first milk that the cow gives, which is called colostrum, and process it into whey so that it will keep.

"The theory is that the cow will communicate the disease to the unborn calf, and will develop the antibodies, or whatever, in the colostrum to protect the newly-born calf from that disease.

"After I took a teaspoon of this whey every 1-1/2 hours for a few weeks, my symptoms of Lyme [Arthritis Disease] disappeared, and I no longer suffer from that disease. Because of the publicity of my case, I get frequent phone calls from desperate people who have been unable to get relief from Lyme [Arthritis Disease] with conventional treatment. It breaks my heart that I cannot tell them about my treatment, because no one has been willing to spend the millions and millions of dollars necessary to get FDA approval to market this special whey. I can tell you it cured what appeared to be arthritis in my knee in 15 minutes.

"I have talked to a doctor in Wisconsin who was using this material. He claims 80-90% success in treating patients like me for whom conventional treatments have not been effective. He has now been advised by the Iowa producer that the material will no longer be available because the producer is afraid of the FDA."

It could have been added that the US Department of Agriculture can also act as a strong deterrent, preventing crossing the line from animals to humans.

We hope and pray for a much more mature Department of Agriculture and FDA who will grant permission to renew studies on the use of this already well-developed technology. These products especially prepared for maintaining the health of farm mammals should be easily available for us, too. After all, we’re also mammals, and deserve equal consideration!


A Second Possibility is to Bootleg the Treatment

Herb Saunders, the dairy farmer who cured Congressman Bedell when no licensed physician had been able to do so, was prosecuted on the report of the FDA in St. James, Minnesota by the state prosecuting attorney for practicing medicine without a license.

Saunders had been treating – and curing – humans of a wide variety of diseases for many years, including cancer. For the most part, he used standard products prepared for treatment of cattle, and, when necessary, he used (dead) microorganisms (such as Borrelia burgdorfi bacteria) passed through the cow’s cistern prior to collecting the colostrum.

When all else failed, he’d pass human blood from the sick person through the cow’s cistern. Each person’s blood contains a wide variety of microorganisms – especially when sick – that are unknown, or unacknowledged by most physicians, but are recognized and acknowledged by the cow.

The colostrum thus obtained for the next 10 days was fed back to the sick person just as would be the standardized products made for the use and health of cattle.

According to immune milk pioneer, Herb Struss, Ph.D., colostrum obtained by injecting whole human blood into the cow’s cistern does not produce auto-immune reactions to one’s own blood. “It’s one of the first things we checked,” Struss says.

Saunders was selling bovine colostrum ("first milk") as a potential cure for cancer. "Saunders would sell each patient a cow for $2,500, but keep the cow on his farm. He would inject a sample of each patient's blood into the cow's udder [cistern], and then sell the colostrum to the cow's owner for $35 a bottle. Saunders told an undercover state agent who posed as a cancer patient that he would 'cough out' his cancer within months if he would take colostrum, [and to] refrain from chemotherapy.

"After two weeks of [court] trial – the longest this small community had ever seen – the result was a hung jury. The 6-person jury voted 5-1 to convict, but the last holdout, a part-time social studies teacher, apparently couldn't decide whether Saunders was practicing medicine without a license or offering an alternative type of care that is not medical practice."5

Former Congressman Berkley Bedell provided $21,000 for Saunders' expenses. Attorney Calvin Johnson’s services were free.

Reported by attorney Calvin Johnson, Herb Saunders' second trial once again resulted in a hung jury, reportedly more hung than the first one, with 3 jurors resisting indictment. The district attorney dismissed the case on May 30, 1996, and will not retry Saunders again! (Herb Saunders, now deceased, hiked his price up for blood-injected cistern colostrum to $10,000!)

Saunders approach seems to be well substantiated by the work of many scientists over a period of more than 40 years.

By this second approach, it’s up to you to find dairymen, and to convince them to risk prosecution as they secretly treat you. If blood is to be drawn from you, it should be injected into the cow’s cistern immediately on being drawn from your arm at least once a week for four weeks before the calf is born.


Buy Your Own Cow or Goat

While not at all advising that the law be broken, in answer to the technical questions of how immune milk is obtained, Herbert Struss, PhD suggests that a “springing heifer” be used to prepare the right colostrum for you. A “springing heifer” is a cow that has not given birth to prior calves.

He reports that immune milk is obtained by innoculating into the cistern with the use of a 20 ml syringe – about 5 milliliters of the antigenic or allergenic material is passed through each of the four teats with a cannula (specially designed reed or tube) at weekly intervals, one month before the calf’s birth.

He also reports that those who must use human blood (for cancer, for example) as their antigenic material take about 10 milliliters from the human which is then distributed at 2-1/2 milliliters to each teat, or bovine gland, immediately.

Ten days of milking, at most, is usable, although the first 24-48 hours of pre-milk produced from the cow’s mammary gland after birth is usually defined as “colostrum.”

According to Philip Derse of Derse & Schroeder Associates, modern technology permits extracting many of the active transfer factors from whole milk, long after the colostrum phase.

But we’re speaking here of do-it-yourself methods!

One lady reported that, after being treated by Herb Saunders for Multiple Sclerosis, she’s had no attack for more than 2 years! She also told me of a Multiple Sclerosis support group in North Dakota that chooses not to be identified, as they have their own dairy herd, and have been treating themselves.

Early virological and immunological studies have suggested that Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disease triggered by a German Measles viral infection, also used to prepare the colostrum.

In a 1984 study reported in Medical Microbiology and Immunology19 IgA-rich cow colostrum containing anti-measles lactoglobulin resistant proteases was orally administered to patients with multiple sclerosis. Measles-positive antibody colostrum was orally administered every morning to 15 patients with multiple sclerosis at a daily dosage of 100 ml for 30 days. Similarly, measles-negative antibody control colostrum (< 8) was orally administered to 5 patients. Of 7 anti-measles colostrum recipients, 5 patients improved and 2 remained unchanged. Of 5 negative (< 8) recipients, 2 patients remained unchanged and 3 worsened. These findings suggested the efficacy of orally administered anti-measles colostrum in improving the condition of multiple sclerosis patients (P < 0.05).

A patient had gross, raised blotches of skin Psoriasis that would not heal no matter what treatments were tried.

A liquid preparation of colostrum staphylococcus antibody/complement was taken orally, 1 teaspoon each hour, and a cotton ball was also used to wipe the mixture on the Psoriasis blotches. The wiping on of the liquid was done every time itching occurred, and also occassionally throughout the next few days. Also the oral treatment of the liquid was continued each hour.

Within minutes (literally) of the first wiping the blotches began to disappear. Within a day, all blotches were reduced in size. Within two days, only the longest standing, and grossest blotches remained.

Finally, all marks were gone!

Unfortunately, it seems, the treatment could not be continued to proper end point, and the patient, also having Lyme Arthritis disease and other immune problems, regressed. He is now undergoing trials of specially prepared Quantum Research, Inc. products, and later was successfully treated with a variety of methods by William J. Mauer, D.O. of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

When describing the rapidly disappearing Psoriasis patches to my son, Tony Chapdelaine, MD, his website search uncovered a research paper reporting on the staphylococcus relationship to psoriasis.

One doctor who called The Arthritis Trust of America, asked what was available for treating Lyme Arthritis disease.

Of course, Berkley Bedell’s experience was quoted, and the doctor was advised – almost in jest – that first s/he’d need a milk cow. Surprisingly, s/he answered that she had room for a milk cow at her farm.

So here’s another way: With others, or alone, buy a cow or nanny goat, get it pregnant, and do your own treatment!


Next Month: Part 4: The Proper Way to Obtain Effective Colostrum



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